Car Repairs Sutton Veny

For car repairs in Sutton Veny, make Griffin’s Garage your first call. We deliver first-class garage services for cars and light commercial vehicles, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our mechanical repair services. Whether you need us to replace your brake pads and suspension components or repair your clutch, we promise top-quality solutions. With our skilled and experienced mechanics, you can rest assured work will be completed safely and accurately.

Moreover, our long-lasting and expert repair services are available at competitive rates. We can also service trailers, horse trailers and quad bikes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like a quotation.


From brake pad replacements through to brake repairs, we service various vehicle makes and models, as well as changing brake fluid when necessary. If your anti-lock braking system (ABS) or brake system warning light comes on, or if your brakes feel or sound different, call us immediately to book an inspection.


Whether you need a tyre replacement, tyre repair or a safety check, call Griffin’s Garage today. We supply and fit both premium and budget tyres from leading manufacturers to suit all budgets. 


Here at Griffin’s Garage, we are equipped to properly inspect and replace car suspension components, ensuring your safety on the road. Whether your vehicle’s coil spring or shock absorber requires attention, we can help.

Wheels and Steering

If you are experiencing issues with your wheels and steering, we can effectively resolve these. Here at our garage, we offer both wheel alignment and ball joint and wheel bearing replacement, helping you drive with precision and control.


For clutches that slip, squeak, feel spongy, or struggle to change gear, a clutch replacement may be necessary. With our experienced mechanics, we offer high-quality services, ensuring your safety on the road.


If you are experiencing excessive noise, rattles or smoke from your exhaust, the chances are you will either need repair work or a replacement exhaust system. Contact us today to book your vehicle in for a comprehensive check.

Car Engines

We can replace the important components of car engines, getting your vehicle functioning as it should do. From engine air filter, gasket and cylinder head replacements through to cambelt replacements and electrical solutions, we fulfil all your requirements.

Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel Particulate Filters are specialist filters designed to trap exhaust soot and other emissions produced by vehicles with diesel engines. Depending on the age of a vehicle and how it is driven, the DPF can sometimes become blocked or clogged. Most modern diesels will have a dashboard warning light to highlight the need for attention. If your warning light is illuminated, book your vehicle for an inspection to determine the precise cause of the issue and we can then provide the most suitable solution.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Modern vehicles are equipped with an ECU (Engine Control Unit), a management system which constantly monitors the performance of the engine and other essential parts of the vehicle. A series of sensors will trigger the dashboard warning lights if any issues with the running of the vehicle or component faults are detected. 

These ‘errors’ could be instigated by a multitude of causes. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to help us to identify the precise cause of the warning light issue which then provides us with the best possible solutions to resolve any problem. So, if you have any warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Cooling Systems

We look after all aspects of vehicle cooling systems, ensuring your engine does not overheat. From belt, hose and fan replacement to water pump and radiator repair or replacement, we offer first class services at affordable rates. We will also replace all coolant fluids where necessary. We only ever use genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement vehicle parts and components.

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Contact Griffin’s Garage today for car repairs in Sutton Veny of the highest quality. Whether you are based locally or in a nearby area, including Warminster, Wiltshire, Tytherington, Heytesbury or Longbridge Deverill, choose us for a high standard of service. We look forward to hearing from you soon.